ice cream cone with vanilla javascript
Most of my JavaScript coursework used simple JavaScript which built a solid foundation for me to expand my skills in other areas like popular Javascript frameworks, libraries and codes. Click on any of the following images to be taken to a page featuring that type of JavaScript code. For example, click on the vanilla JavaScript picture to be taken to the "Fan Trick Fine Art Photography Estimate" page which was created using pure JavaScript.      


Bootstrap is used throughout my website and provides a lot of features the takes some of the hassle out of building a website. An extra benefit of using bootstrap is knowing that your webpage will be responsive. Bootstrap's code includes RWD that will make any page match any type of media.

Ajax diagram


I also have experience with incorporating Ajax code into my JavaScript. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and allows certain parts of the webpage to update while also maintaining the integrity of the webpage.

undraw javascript frameworks drawing


A popular JavaScript framework that I have used is jQuery. JQuery provides a clean and efficient way to bring JavaScript to life without using as much code.