Welcome to CSS!

Undraw work in progress drawing
CSS can be one of the toughest languages to learn, not only for its strict adherence to the rules of the document page, but the expectation that the webpage will respond to any screen.      
Undraw build wireframe drawing

CSS Planning with Wireframes 

When it comes to design, I like to plan things out to the last detail with highly thought out and introcate wireframes. If you click on the image above you can see the wireframe I completed for this website. Click on the "Transitions" image to be taken to the homepage.

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Add a little flair to your page with CSS animations or transitions. Adding transitions to your website can not only capture users attention, but present information in a compact and meaningful way. For example, on my home page I use CSS transitions to show computer applications in which I have experience. I corresponded Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JavaScript logos with my carousel items that featured pages using those  applications.   

Undraw image entitled real-time sync


Nothing is more important to modern day web surfers than having webpages viewable on any type of device. If you want a site that will work with any device, check out the layout on this webpage. Notice when you resize this page how these multiple columns become one nicely formatted column suited for mobile viewing.